Christmas Parties: Why You Should Network at Your Company Party this Year

Christmas Parties

Any smart professional knows that going to a Christmas party isn’t all about eating, drinking and dancing, particularly if it’s a shared Christmas party. In fact if you think about it, Christmas parties are the best arenas to network in: important influencers will be there and they’ll be in good and social moods. What could be more perfect?

However before you launch into “hard sell” mode over a Christmas cracker, there are some important things you need to consider before you “go in for the kill” (as it were!).

1) Remember to bring up- to-date business cards with you (and plenty of them!) Because writing your name on a bit of paper doesn’t look professional (never mind the fact that whenever you need one there’s never a pen around.) Besidesthe influencer in question has had a few drinks it might be a bit hard for them to remember who you are and where you’refrom just by reading a bit of paper.

2) Know what you’re going o say before you make your move. This is just good practice, in fact we recommend practicing your pitch. We’re not saying you need to memorise a script or anything but have an idea of what you want to say and what you want to achieve by saying it. That way you won’t forget anything important once you start the conversation.

3) Know who you are going to talk to beforehand. Ask your work colleagues if you’re not sure keep your ears peeled during the party, consult the seating plan… These are just a few ideas if you’re not sure who to approach. Also don’t approach them if they are in a group larger than 2 people, otherwise it might be hard to get and maintain their attention. Plus it’s a good idea to start with an icebreaker that isn’t work related, that way you’ll be able to gauge whether or not they’re interested in talking with you.

So whether you’re sat at your desk trying to plan an office party (aka constantly Googling “Christmas parties London”) or you already have a company Christmas party invite. These hints and tips are worth remembering if you’ve been waiting and planning to ask for that promotion/pitch for new work for awhile now.