Quick Tips For Certified Internal Auditor Test Preparation


There is a large amount of Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) test preparation necessary when looking to pass and gain certification. An interested person must pass an exam from the Institute of Internal Auditors. Even though there is no set curriculum, there are numerous guides and study materials available.

Before beginning CIA test preparation, it is best to have a general idea concerning topics that are covered on the exam. There is a specific outline that is provided and can be found over the internet. This will be a good first step in proper preparation and will guide a person toward the correct study materials.

There are numerous references and courses available. One of the most expensive is the “IIA’s CIA Learning System”. It can be worth the price since it entails an online part that is very helpful to prepare a person for the test. A similar course for the computer is the “ExamMatrix” CIA Exam Review. It comes in four parts, similar to the break-up of the test itself. There are other courses available as well. Even though they may be useful, they do not guarantee that a person will definitely pass the test. However, the two mentioned are recommended on the website of the Institute of Internal Auditors.

A cheaper approach to try is the “CIA Model Exam Questions”. It is a practice test which gives a basic assessment about knowledge in this area. It will be a gauge as to which areas need more practice and a brush up of information. There are also many classes that are offered regarding CIA test preparation where groups of people gather together to review the exam material. It can be a helpful way to reinforce certain areas of knowledge and build on others.

When a person is ready to tackle the test, the Institute offers a few practice questions that can be attempted. If the questions go well, the test can be tried. If the questions are not answered well, it may be best to continue studying and try the test at a later date.

CIA test preparation is often recommended for some time prior to attempting the exam. In the end, it will act as a guide to important information covered on the test and give a better overview of the most essential topics.